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  • Вперё[т], Патриот!

    Вперё[т], Патриот!


    • Jun 03 / 2020
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    English translation. Communique

    My dear English-speaking friend,

    Translation of this web site is still ongoing, but we are doing our best to accomplish that.

    Please wait a little, comrade. Sooner or later we’ll get everything translated.

    For now, you can arm yourself with an online translation tool and read the Russian version of the Notes. This translation will most likely be rather bad and obscure, but if you really need to learn something specific about my expeditions, that will do.

    >>>Link to the Russian version of the notes<<<

    If you desperately need some technical details about any of my activity, please contact me and I’ll answer your questions. You can find my contact details on this page.

    Алексей Бычков автопутешественник автотурист на уаз
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