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My Partners

  • Aug 29 / 2017
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My Partners

Do you manufacture high-quality products for tourism? The readers of by blog and I will be very interested in your products.

Do you manufacture reliable parts and accessories for off-roaders? I’m doubly interested in that.

Would you like to become a partner?

It’s easy: my website and I are always open for cooperation.

I can test all your products in real-life journeys. Blistering cold and snow of the north, the infernal heat and sands of the south, woods and swamps of Central Russia: those are the testing grounds I use to test myself, my car and the equipment I use.

I won’t be fussing over the equipment under test. Instead, I will be immediately using it and maybe will even try to damage or break it. Only these actions will allow one to make a qualified and unbiased technical report with a bunch of figures or write a review article with plenty of photos.

No copy-pasting from the Internet, no making up stories: only real-life experience gained by real people during real expeditions.

Партнеры go-patriot.ru

Along with writing technical reports and review articles, I can offer:

  • your logo on my automobile, up to full-scale branding (flags, pennants, you name it);
  • using clothing, equipment, and accessories with your logos on them;
  • taking photos à la “your product and a sand dune” for your public relations department.

The photos and reviews are widely present on popular social media:

  • Web portal platform dedicated to automobiles www.Drive2.ru. >>>Link.
  • LiveJournal. >>>Link.
  • Instagram. >>>Link.
  • Facebook.  >>>Link.
  • VKontakte. >>>Link.

With this comprehensive strategy, several thousand people will see the post. Most of these people are active men in the prime of life and purchasing power. Car enthusiasts, keen travelers, tourists (actual and sympathizing, seasoned and novice ones) – that’s my target audience, people who follow me on social media, my readers and my friends.

You can contact me through direct messages in social media or by e-mail 2gopatriot@gmail.com, but do not worry if you don’t get an answer right away.

I always respond to everyone (all kinds of answers: “yes”, “maybe”, and even “definitely no”). But there is a good chance that I’m on the road. Or your letter has been lost in spam: that happens too. I will appreciate it if you try to write me once again from a different e-mail address.

испытания туристического оборудования

Below you can read about all the Partners who have helped or are helping me with expeditions, an expensive and challenging activity. I truly appreciate these people and companies because in emergency situations my life and health really depend on quality of their products. Only high-quality products that have been carefully selected, tested during real-life road trips and approved by my friends and me appear on this page.

The factory-installed windows for UAZ vehicles are far from perfect. If you are not enthusiastic about listening to wind whistling, or feeling cold air coming through the windows, or seeing puddles of rainwater on the floor, I recommend installing the products manufactured by the Offroad Window Solutions company.

The company offers a wide range of products to fulfill your dreams: sliding windows, double glazing for trips to the North, one-piece power windows, and even heated windscreens.

Press here to find the details about sliding window installation. You can read about the field tests of the windows exposed to frost, heat, and hopping (which is so typical of UAZ vans) in my notes. I will definitely take the windows to a long-distance road trip.

внедорожные оконные решения, остекление УАЗ

Any self-respecting automobilist who knows the value of his/her health, energy, and nerves also realizes that the car must be equipped with a towing rope. But the range of adequate products for autotourism is not so broad. A towing string bought at the Auchan store absolutely won’t do. When setting out on a serious journey, you should use serious equipment, such as that manufactured by my favorite partners producing rigging supplies, Ufa company Takelazh Plus.

Snatch and tow straps, extension straps, tree protectors, shackle brackets, bags and organizers: that is the equipment and accessories I use and trust. The rigging supplies from Ufa have travelled with me to the subarctic zone, where they have passed the first test, the Gobi Desert (where I sometimes had a feeling that iron is about to melt or fall apart under the blistering sun), and the less remote but all-absorbing swamps in the Siberia.

tplus партнер go-patriot.ru

When I set out for a road trip, my family feels nervous about me. When I set out for a road trip and do not call home, they feel very nervous. But when I have returned from my journey and have not saved the GPS track for my dear readers, the sky’s the limit to their worries. Company  LocMe.ru helps me to solve this problem.

Having installed their GPS/GLONASS monitoring system once, I can give a link to all my relatives/friends/followers, where they can see the car position, speed, temperature and even fuel tank level (if I was not lazy to switch this option on) in real time. Once I have returned, I can save the resulting track by simply clicking couple buttons, and share it with all the interested folks on the special webpage.

GPS-трекинг locme.ru

I have long wanted to have my personal website, but wanting something is not enough: skills are also needed. Once I met folks from SMVgroup web studio dealing with website building and promotion. We became friends and started our cooperation: I provide the text and photos, they build and thoroughly maintain the website. So they created this website from scratch, and¾very important for me¾I do not have to worry about its technical aspects. I just write notes and make posts, while leaving such things as troubleshooting, updating, and plugin installation to experts. Everyone should do things he/she is good at¾that’s the best way to succeed.

создание тревэл-блога

Below you can read about my Partners with whom we no longer cooperate for some merely evolutionary reasons.

“The morning sun never lasts a day” but I am grateful to them for cooperation and recall that period with warm feelings.

RAVENOL company, a manufacturer of high-quality PAO-based synthetic oils, has for a long time been in charge for lubrication of critical components in my car. Their oils were used at low (my personal record is a cold start at –43°C (–45 F)) and high temperatures (the Gobi Desert, outside temperature above 35°C (95 F) and nearly hell under the hood). You can find the information about what specific oils I was using and my impressions by following the links.

RAVENOL партнер

The Sarmat autocenter, a team of ambitious young fellows, has always been striving to offer more than just being a mediator between the conveyor belt and the consumer. First, they have fine-tuned two Sobol 4×4 vehicles for amateur competitions. Later on, we were building an expedition vehicle together: a car for long-haul but comfortable journeys both along paved roads and offroad. You can read about our success by following the special link.

автоцентр Сармат, Новосибирск
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